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How To Keep Your Pets Safe At Easter

Easter is a time for fun, family and sweet treats. It’s also a time when pets can be at risk because of the abundance of chocolate, and things that pets can get their paws on. There are a few things you should watch out for during the Easter holidays if you want to keep your pet safe.

Dangerous Seasonal Flowers


Lilies are often given to people as gifts and bought over Easter. Lilies are highly toxic to cats, they can cause kidney failure. Watch out for all types of lilies over Easter and keep them well away from your cat.


Daffodils are also a common flower that we see emerging during spring. Daffodils are also poisonous to cats and can cause vomiting and stomach upsets.

Easter Grass

Easter grass is made out of a soft material and used to fill things like Easter baskets and placed under Easter eggs. It is shredded into strips and comes in a wide variety of different colours. Easter grass is not good for your pets, and it’s quite an appealing toy to play with and eat. However, when ingested it can become stuck or cause an obstruction in your pet's stomach. Keep this stuff well away from your pets and do not let them eat it.

Dangerous Seasonal Foods


We can’t get enough chocolate at Easter time. In the lead up to Easter, on Easter day and several weeks afterwards there is an abundance of chocolate in the house. Unfortunately, chocolate is poisonous for some pets, dogs especially. The darker the chocolate the worse the effect. Keep chocolate well away from dogs over Easter in cupboards that they can’t reach or get into. Remind the rest of the family to keep their chocolate somewhere safe away from any pets.


Most sugar-free sweets these days contain xylitol which has not been proven to cause any problems for humans, but it is very toxic for dogs. It’s basically a sugar substitute, you may have more products around the house containing this ingredient over easter. It can be in anything from cakes, biscuits, sweets and chewing gum. It can cause seizures, coma, liver failure and occasionally death in dogs depending on how much they have eaten.

Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can contain all sorts of things that are dangerous to pets. Toys that they can choke on, chocolate, Easter grass and sweets. Keep your Easter basket stored somewhere safely away from all pets.

Easter Eggs

At Easter there are all sorts of different eggs around the house. Easter eggs can be made from lots of different things including chocolate, paper, plastic and wood. Just keep an eye on your pets and make sure they don’t try and eat the eggs that are left lying around.

The Easter Feast

We tend to eat a lot of food over Easter, some people go all out and have a roast dinner feast. Be careful not to let pets get hold of the cooked chicken or turkey bones and other food that could be dangerous to them. Store your leftovers out of reach or dispose of them properly, the last thing you want is your pets raiding through your bins and getting sick.


Lots of people enjoy baking cakes and pastries to enjoy over the Easter holidays. Watch out for raw dough as this can be very dangerous to pets. The yeast expands in their stomach and it can also turn into alcohol causing poisoning.


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