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How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for the whole family. The festive season is packed with colour, light, yummy treats and any number of other distractions. It is a time when families get together, when friends share a tipple and when pets can run into serious trouble! Here’s our top tips on how to keep your pet safe this Christmas.


There is nothing quite like the wonderful ambiance you can create with flickering candles. But naked flames represent a hazard, especially if you happen to have a dog or a cat. Your pet can easily knock over a candle in an instant. If there are animals in your home, don’t leave lighted candles unattended for even a minute and place them well away from curtains and upholstery, just in case.


Your Christmas tree will look wonderful with all of those decorations and twinkling lights. But the lights will have to be plugged into a power socket. If you keep rodents or have any pets which are prone to chewing, then do not leave them unattended in the room that features your tree. Your Christmas lights will be a magnet for any animal that likes a good chomp and they could just electrocute themselves.


Many tree decorations are made from glass. If they are pulled off the tree by pets or the tree is knocked over, the shards from those baubles could cause some nasty cuts to little paws. Shut your pets out of the room when you can’t keep an eye on what they are up to!


We all look forward to that fabulous festive fare but it is a major temptation for pets. Unfortunately, chocolate is hazardous for dogs but they don’t know that! Don’t hang any chocolate treats on your tree if you have a dog and it is probably best to avoid laying out dishes or boxes of chocolates in your home. If you are making a chocolate log, then shut your pooch out of the kitchen and keep the cake in a sealed container until you eat it.

Remember that garlic, leeks and onions will also disagree with your pets so don’t give them your onion gravy or stuffing because it will make them ill. If you have to share your dinner, then the best treat for cats and dogs is a little lean turkey meat.


The biggest problem at Christmas, as far as pets are concerned, is the fact that you are bound to get distracted. You will probably have visitors to attend to and a dinner to cook. If you have kids, they will be creating an enormous mess with their presents and it is hard to get a moment to yourself. This makes it all too easy to forget where your pets are. Before you know it, the Christmas tree is on the floor, the yule log is in your dog’s stomach and your rabbit has chewed through your lights.

If you are likely to get distracted over the festive season, confine your pets to a safe place until life returns to normal.


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