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How To Keep Your Bored Bunny Entertained

Now is the time to tell you, that yes, Bunny does get bored, like every other mammal out there. While rabbits are the perfect little athletes, sometimes they need something a little extra to keep them happy and hoppy through the day. Bored bunnies can develop bad habits such as overeating and overgrooming, which are vital to discourage.

Here are our best boredom breakers for bunnies:

Hide and Seek

While you shouldn’t overfeed your rabbit, one fun game you can play is simply to hide bunny-safe items around his cage or in the house and let him go off and forage. You could even find some that require a bit of effort to release the treat, though you could simply hide something yummy in a sheet of paper and roll it up.


Activity Dens

A cheap option is to find old cardboard boxes and tubes that can fit your little furball in. Making a little obstacle course and adding in some hiding places, can keep your bunny entertained for a while. Make sure Flopsy always has plenty of space to comfortably move about in – at least enough room for a hop, skip and jump anyway!

Outdoor Adventures

We all need to breathe in the fresh air and let the sunlight warm our faces now and again. Letting your bunny explore the garden, if it is safe to do so or buying a large that they can be let loose in, will be the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon. You can even bond while sunbathing together. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with a few holes in your garden as digging keeps bunnies happy.

Brain Training

Don’t be fooled by their soft exteriors. Rabbits can be pretty smart creatures. You can train most bunnies to do basic tricks, follow simple commands or even develop useful habits like using a litter tray. Training your rabbit can give you a chance to bond but be considerate of their feelings as they are known to be quite nervous animals. A little bit of patience will pay off.

Get Creative

Rabbits love toys but you don’t need to buy lots of things. You could fill up a deep tray with soil and let them play or give them a (untreated) to nibble on. You can even fill a paper bag with some , or make use of the empty loo rolls that get left on the side. If Flopsy can toss, gnaw, nibble and chew, chances are he will be super excited with whatever treats and toys you offer him.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to spend some quality time with your rabbit and give him a little cuddle. They are really loving animals and just need time to build trust. For more advice on keeping your little bunny entertained, read this .


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