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How To Keep Small Animals Active

It’s not just dogs and cats that can get too overweight, small animals can be spoiled too much as well. They need enough exercise not only to maintain a healthy weight but also give them so mental stimulation and fun. If you own a small animal you need to make sure they are kept active, especially if they spend most of their time in a cage. Here are some ways you can ensure they get the exercise they need.


You can get a huge range of t that will encourage them to move about. Playing uses up energy and helps to keep small animals active. Get them some toys to play with when you are not around or play some games with them with their favourite toy. You can get some fantastic toys for small animals such as , , and even !

Time out of their cage

It’s crucial that small animals get some time to exercise out of their cage. If you can build them an enclosed run outside where you know they cannot escape they will be much happier. If this isn’t possible then try and take them out of their hutch or cage regularly within your home. Although whether either of these things are possible does depend on what type of small animal you have.

Interacting with humans

Unless you have an animal that does not like to be handled or shouldn’t for some reason then try and handle your pet as much as possible. It will not only get them used to being handled and spending time with humans but it will help to keep them active. They will be able to move about and interact with you which gives them mental stimulation too. It also helps to improve your bond with your pet.

Products that encourage activity

You can put products in your small animals hutch or cage that will encourage them to be active. For example having different levels in a cage, giving them objects to hide inside and climb on top of. Giving them hay and around in and build a den will also help to keep them moving around.


Not all small animals will tolerate having another one of their species with them. However, those that do can benefit hugely from having a friendly face around. They are more likely to be active if they have another animal to play with and interact with. Research your pet before you bring them home to check to see whether they would be better off with a friend, and if so, which sexes go well together.


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