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How To Help Your Pets Through The Upcoming Winter Freeze

The weatherman has forecast a rather chilly winter this year. There’s rumours of the coldest winter for years, however, it hasn’t arrived yet and we are entering December. Whether or not the forecast for freezing weather turns out to be correct, you need to make sure your pets are warm enough during the colder months. Some pets really struggle in the winter months and need some extra care in order to stay warm enough. Here’s how to help your pets stay warm through winter 2015.

Provide adequate shelter

Make sure all your pets have suitable shelter for the winter. Their shelter should keep them warm and dry and protect them from adverse weather conditions. Check that the location of their shelter is suitable and they aren’t too exposed to the elements.

Cover them in blankets

If it gets extremely cold, you may need to get some extra bedding. Some small animals will benefits from blankets and extra layers being places around and on top of their cages on extra chilly days. Animals that live inside such as cats and dogs might also appreciate some cosy blankets during the winter.

Make sure they always have fresh water

It’s still important in the winter to ensure your pets have constant access to fresh water. They need to stay hydrated in winter too. Keep topping up their water supply and check it regularly to make sure it hasn’t run out.

Feed them a healthy diet

Pets need plenty of energy to keep them going through freezing winters. Dog Food provides some much needed energy. Make sure you feed them enough so that they are not underweight in the winter, which will make it harder for them to stay warm.

Don’t leave them in cold areas of your home

Don’t leave your pet in any really cold areas of your home (if they live inside). Check for draughts and sections of your house that are colders than others. A cold draught can cause pets to catch a chill and become unwell.

Protect pets that really suffer from the cold

Short haired dogs need to wear jumpers and coats to keep them warm enough in the winter and get them through the coldest months. If you have a small animal that is usually outside and the weather turns unusually cold, consider bringing them inside until temperatures go back to normal.

Purchase products to help keep your pets warm

There are lots of specific products designed to help keep pets warm. For example, for vulnerable dogs (such as elderly dogs and young pups) you can get heated dog beds and blankets. For small animals, you can get extra bedding for them to burrow into and conserve their body heat.


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