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How To Give Your Dog A Variety Of Different Dog Walks

Walking your dog in the same place every day can get a little repetitive. Sometimes it’s good to mix up your dog walks and try walking your dog in different places. Not only will this be enjoyable for your dog, but you get to explore different places too. Prevent your dog walks from getting boring by going to places with different scenery and terrain to walk through. The UK is home to many beautiful sites, stunning countryside  and lovely coastal walks. You will be spoilt for choice when you start looking for places to go. Plan weekend trips away with your dog and enjoy a range of different scenery. Have a look in your local area for different places to walk your dog, you might be surprised by what you find.


Coastal walks are always a nice change from your normal walk down the park. Walking by the sea is so relaxing and it provides lots of fun for your dog. They can go swimming and play in the water if they wish and run in the sand along the beach. Take some toys that float or a ball that you can throw into the water for your dog to fetch and bring back to you.


Dogs just love foraging and exploring woodland. If you haven’t been on a walk in the woods before with your dog then try it, they will have a brilliant time. Make sure your dog is safe off the lead as they can easily chase woodland animals and get lost following a scent. Woodland is also quite useful for shelter from the sun in the summer so that dogs don’t get too hot and in the winter it can help to shelter you from the elements.

Fields and Countryside

Long countryside walks are ideal for dogs who need a lot of exercise. Find a large stretch of countryside and go on a long walk across the fields with your dog. Be sure to follow the countryside code while you are walking and keep your dog away from any livestock.


It’s easy and convenient to take your dog for a walk at your local park. It’s also a great place for your dog to meet other dogs and work on their social skills. There are lots of different parks to choose from so try a few in your local area to mix things up a bit.

Urban Walks

Urban walks around your local town can also be quite good for you and your dog. It’s also good to get young dogs used to urban noises and experiences from an early age. You will have to keep your dog on the lead but you can still give them a good walk around the city.


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