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How To Get Your Dog To Stay Off The Furniture

Whether your dog goes on the furniture or not is a personal preference. Some owners are dead against it from the start, and others let their pooches not only go on the sofa, but sleep in their bed. And then there are some owners who aren’t really sure what the right thing is to do, so they do a bit of both.

Whatever rules you want to follow regarding dogs on furniture is totally up to you. However, a good solution if you’re not sure of the right choice, is to allow your dog on the furniture, but ONLY on your terms. This means they can’t just assume they can always hop on and off whenever they want, or claim the best spot on your sofa.

It’s also quite good for discipline and having boundaries. Sometimes, if you let your dog roam your entire home, they start to think they rule the home. And in a few cases, dogs may get guarding issues where they won’t let anyone sit in their spot, or they could get territorial with other dogs in the home. If your dog is pretty chilled and generally does what you say around the home, then there’s no harm in letting them on the furniture if you want to.

Setting some ground rules

It’s important that your dog understands what is expected of them. Don’t send out mixed signals. For example, one family member lets them on the sofa when no one’s looking, and everyone else sticks to the rules. Everyone in your household should be on board.

When your dog goes to get up on the sofa, say ‘down’ or ‘off’ and make sure they get down when requested. Maybe have some treatsnearby so that when they hop off you can reward their good behaviour with a treat.

If your dog is fixated with getting on the furniture, try and distract them with other things. They may be climbing up on the sofa to get closer to you because they’re bored. So switch off that TV for fifteen minutes and play with your dog for a little while. When you are sat on the sofa or bed and your dog wants to come up, you can always offer them their favourite toy instead. Give them a bone to chew or get a Kong toy to keep them busy.

When it comes to the bedroom, if you don’t want your dog on the bed, the best thing to do is not to let them in your room at all. Then they won’t be tempted to hop up for a little snuggle. If your dog usually sleeps with you and they always have done, don’t suddenly chuck them out.

This probably won’t go down very well and they’ll get quite stressed. Do it gradually by slowly moving their bed closer to the door, getting them to sleep outside your bedroom door, and then moving their bed further away.

The best of both worlds

If you want to make sure your dog doesn’t get too comfortable on the sofa or bed, or think they own the place, then start only letting them up on your terms. If they put their paw on the sofa or try and climb up, that’s most definitely on their terms. So say ‘down’ and don’t let them up. Then, later in the day, when they are relaxed and behaving well, you can ask them up for a cuddle.

Get your dog a plush bed

One of the main reasons why dogs like going on the furniture, aside from to be close to you, is simply because it’s comfy. Just like us, they appreciate a super comfy sofa to rest their paws on. So, to tempt them away from the sofa or your bed, get them a really comfortable enticing bed of their own. Then they won’t be so miffed when they aren’t allowed a nap on the sofa. Take a look at our selection of plush dog beds.


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