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How To Get Your Dog On The Right Diet

Some dogs are completely happy on the same diet for their entire lives. But a select few pooches have other ideas. Just like humans, some dogs are just more fussy than others, and some just suffer from a sensitive tum.

Finding the right food for these dogs can be tough, but don’t despair, we’ve got a huge selection of different brands all offering special types of If you aren’t sure what to buy your dog, give our experts a call and they will be happy to point you in the right direction. Plus, we’ve come up with some handy tips on how to choose the right dog food for your dog.

Consider their age and exercise levels

Is your dog super active or not so energetic? This can have an impact on what sort of diet you should feel them. Dogs that burn a lot of energy doing something active all day (like working dogs) understandably need more calories to keep them going. But if your pooch prefers to curl up on the sofa, they won’t need such a high calorie diet.

 Is there anything that they are allergic to?

You might be aware of certain ingredients that poor Fido can’t tolerate very well. Or perhaps you have noticed your dog is getting skin or digestion problems. If this is the case, consult with your vet, they might be able to help you identify what foods your pooch has a sensitivity too. If Fido has a very sensitive tum, you might want to buy a hypoallergenic dog food just to be on the safe side. We offer a range of dog food for dogs with allergic, to order online today.


Consider your dog’s breed and life-stage

Other factors that you might want to consider when choosing a diet for your dog include their breed and their lifestage. If Fido is getting on a bit, then you might want to get them a diet made especially for dogs in their senior years. These foods have added ingredients such as supplements to help with joint care. You can also get breed specific dog food that’s made with your dog’s breed in browse through our huge selection of dog food.

Trial and error

When looking for the perfect dog food for your pooch, you might need to try a few different types. Your dog might not like the first few foods you try, and then absolutely love a particular for food some reason. However, if you are going to change your dog’s food, be sure to do it gradually so your dog’s tum doesn’t get too much of a shock. Gradually add some of the new food into their existing food so their stomach can adjust. You might need to try different types of dog food to see what takes Fido’s fancy, whether that’s some chunky wet dog food or extra tasty kibble.


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