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How To Get Mud Off Your Dog

Muddy dogs

Some dogs just seem to be drawn to mud. Most dog enjoy playing in the mud and going out on extremely muddy dog walks. Sometimes you come back from a dog walk thinking how am I going to get rid of all this mud?

You look at your muddy pooch and all that dirt looks as though it is deeply embedded in their coat. Don’t worry, no matter how muddy your dog is, there are ways to get them clean again. It might take a lot of effort to get rid of the mud but with the right tools, it’s possible.

Use a shampoo that’s designed for dirty doggies

If you want to get rid of stubborn dirt on your dog’s coat then use a shampoo that is specially for filthy pooches. Wahl Dirty Beastie is excellent for removing dirt and mud, and leaves your dog smelling amazing.

Give your dog a proper scrub in the bath

If you are going to get rid of all that dirty you will have to give your dog a good scrub. Make sure you clean all the hard to reach areas and get rid of all the dirt. The last thing you want is for your dog to shake mud all over your bathroom because you missed some areas.

Use a bath brush

Use a special bath brush when you are shampooing your dog. This will help you to get deeper into the coat and get rid of more mud. This Mikki Bath Brush has a built in reservoir for shampoo, which helps achieve a more thorough clean.

Use a dog dryer to help blast away mud

Dog dryers can be really good at getting rid of the last bits of mud, dirt and debris. These dryers can be very powerful so the air literally blasts the dirt away. However, take care not to have them on too high or they might scare your dog.

Use a powerful shower head

A powerful shower head can also help to remove more dirt. It’s really frustrating trying to wash a dog when the shower is really weak. If you have a dog that often gets really dirty it might be worth investing in a decent shower.


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