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How To Find Dog Friendly Rented Accommodation

Finding rented accommodation when you have a dog can be really difficult. Your choice is a lot more limited and you will come up against some challenges. Don’t despair, there are places that do allow dogs, you just have to know how to find them. It’s worth waiting for the right place so that you can settle in suitable home for you and your dog. Those who have tried to find dog friendly rented accommodation in the past will understand how frustrating it can be. Here are some helpful tips to increase your chances of finding the right dog friendly place for your pooch.

It’s Always Worth Asking

You might look at a place online and assume they won’t accept dogs. You could be right, but it’s definitely always worth asking. Give the agency a quick call and ask if they accept pets. You will probably get quite a few no’s but don’t give up.

Give Yourself Enough Time

It’s difficult enough finding a suitable place to live with your dog, without having to do it all at the last minute. Finding somewhere that allows pets and fits your criteria takes time.

Pet Friendly Websites

There are a few new pet friendly websites that list dog friendly accommodation and rental property. Try signing up to a few and checking them regularly. Try and

Also try using websites that will allow you to put ‘pet friendly’ into your search criteria, this will save you a lot of time.

You Will Need A Garden

It’s unlikely that you will find many places without a garden that will allow pets. Places with gardens are more likely to allow pets, because dogs can run around and have more space.

Do A Meet And Greet

If you can get your new landlord to meet your dog then it might make them feel a bit more confident about letting you move in. They may ask to meet your dog to see how he/she behaves and what sort of size they are.

Avoid Purpose Built Apartment Blocks

Brand new flats and purpose built apartment blocks don’t normally allow pets. So consider ruling them out of your search.

Get A Reference

Ask your old estate agent or landlord to give you a reference. They can they explain that they had a positive experience and you were a responsible dog owner and left the place tidy and clean etc.

Offer A Professional Clean

A lot of places that do allow dogs will have one condition, that you give the house a professional clean before you leave. If you offer this then some places will be more likely to say yes.

Check Rental Adverts Carefully

Try not to get excited about properties before you know whether or not they accept dogs. Some rental adverts will mention whether they accept pets in their property description. Keep an eye out and try and rule out the ones that state ‘no pets’

Try And Be Flexible

You may have to make a few sacrifices on your accommodation if you want somewhere that allows dogs. You might have to be flexible with your criteria if you want more choice. Try and widen your search and keep an open mind.

Get It In Writing

If an estate agent says they think you are allowed pets or a landlord says they are happy for you to have a dog then make sure you get it in writing. Sometimes people promise things and then change their mind, or there could be a slight miscommunication. Get them to add that they accept a dog into your tenancy agreement.


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