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How to Find a Good Dog Training Class

Choosing the right dog training class can be difficult. You want to make sure you find a high quality trainer who will treat your dog in the right way. There are lots of people out there who run dog classes that don’t always know what they are doing, and may not have enough experience or qualifications. It’s important to find a quality dog training school with classes that you feel comfortable attending. If you want your dog to get the most out of their training classes then here are some tips on how to find a good dog training class.


Find a dog training class or company that has positive reviews online or on social media. It doesn’t guarantee that they will be any good but it’s certainly a promising start.


Get personal recommendations from friends, people at your local dog park and your local vet. However, it’s important to still check a dog training class out properly even if someone you know has said it is good. You may have a completely different experience/opinion.

Qualifications and accreditations

Check to see whether the trainers taking the class are qualified to do the job. Ask what associations they belong to and whether they have any relevant qualifications. For example, (APDT) accredits dog trainers. There are numerous different accreditations for dog trainers but APDT is probably the most well known one.

Look for reward based training classes

Never take your dog to a class that focuses on punishment. Look for classes that use reward based training methods only.

Small class sizes

If a dog training class has too many students there can be chaos. It can also be very dangerous and your dog is unlikely to learn much. Look for classed with no more than eight dogs, but preferably less.

Ask to go and watch a class

Before you pay for a course make sure you have witnessed a class. You can learn a lot about the quality of a training class just by watching. Do the dogs seem relaxed, does the trainer have complete control and do they address each dog’s individual needs? Avoid any trainers who give advice on serious medical or behavioural issues in their classes.


Most high quality training classes will have a good reputation in your local area. You may have overheard people mentioning their classes or read some particularly positive reviews. Poor quality dog training classes will no doubt have a very bad reputation so you should know which ones to avoid.


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