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How To Decide Whether You Would Prefer A Cat Or A Dog

If you are looking for a new pet it can sometimes be really difficult to decide between a cat and a dog. Often, one person in the family wants a dog and the other might prefer a cat. Reaching a final decision and trying to please everyone can be tough. However, you need to think about which animal you could provide for best rather than what it is that you want.

You need to think about whether you can realistically commit to either a cat or a dog and understand the reasoning behind your decision. At the end of the day no matter which one you choose you want to give them the best life possible.

Some people are in a better position to have one over the other. For example, if you work all day every day you probably shouldn’t get a dog. Dogs need their owners to be at home most of the time, whereas most cats are quite happy to be on their own. They are quite content wandering the local neighborhood or sleeping all day at home.

Do you have enough time on your hands for a dog? Both dogs and cats require a lot of care and attention but the main difference is that dogs need to be exercised daily. Cats can take themselves off outside and get their exercise. You do need to play with them and give them mental stimulation but they certainly don’t need walking.

If you get a dog then you have to be prepared to walk them for at least an hour a day. How much you have to walk your dog depends on their age and breed, but some dogs need walking at least twice a day.

Do you want a pet that will rely on you and command your attention? Dogs generally need far more attention than cats and are more reliant on their owners. There is nothing better than coming home to a dog that’s extremely excited to see you and enjoying the love and devotion they give you.

However, having a dog is restricting. You can’t go away or leave your house without thinking about your dog. Cats do still need to be looked after but their needs are more basic. You do also get a great deal of love and affection from some cats, depending on their personality.

Does anyone in your family have any allergies? You should check whether any family members are allergic to dogs or cats before you get a pet. This will quickly rule out one or the other if you find someone in your family is allergic. Also, the last thing you want to do is get a cat or a dog and then discover you are allergic and have to give them away.

There are considerable costs to owning a dog or a cat. They both need food, toys, bedding and veterinary attention. You might want to compare the cost of dog and cat food and also review insurance costs for both. Some dogs require a lot of grooming and this can really add to not only the costs of ownership but the time you spend looking after them. Cats do need grooming too

If you get a dog then you will need to put time and effort into training them. Dogs owners are expected to be responsible and train their dog to behave in public. You will need to teach your dog basic obedience and provide them with regular training. Cats don’t really need to be trained. They should be trained to go in their litter tray and to come back home but that’s about it.

Spend some time thinking about your decision carefully. Research the breed of cat or dog you are thinking of getting to see if they would fit in with your lifestyle.

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