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How To Decide What Pet To Get

The first thing you need to think about when deciding which pet to get is why you want one in the first place. Do you want a companion for life to spend a lot of time with or do you just want a pet you can interact with occasionally? If you are getting a pet for company and have a lot of time to spare then a cat or a dog might be a good choice. When you know exactly why you want a pet it will might your decision easier.

It’s also important to bear in mind the pet your children want might not be the most suitable option. For example, they may want a rabbit or a chinchilla but a gerbil or a guinea pig might be a better option. You need to decide what the best pet for them is rather than the other way around.

Young kids are better off with pets they don’t have to look after much. Either get a pet that needs looking after a lot and look after it yourself on behalf of your kids, or get them a pet that isn’t very demanding.

Think about how much you are willing to spend. What is your budget for a new pet? This will have a big impact on what type of pet you get. Dogs are lovely pets but they can be very expensive. Research different types of pets and estimate how much you think they will cost you a month.

Check that no one in your family is allergic to the pet you are thinking of getting. Go and get all family members to handle them before you make a decision. This can easily rule out certain types of pets and make your decision more straightforward.

How active is your family? Do you want a pet that doesn’t need much exercise and attention or would you prefer a pet that keeps you active? For example, some active families prefer pets such as horses and more energetic breeds of dog. Whereas other families just want a pet they can spend a bit of time with at home.

How often is there someone home? If your family are out all day this will rule out lots of pets that need someone to be around.

If you are renting your landlord might have preferences on which type of pets you are allowed. You might not even be allowed to keep any pets in your property so it’s always worth checking.

Do you go on holiday a lot? If you spend a lot of time away from home then there are certain pets you shouldn’t get such as a dog or cat.

Some pets can be very hairy and messy and this will have an impact on your home. Think about how you feel about getting pet hair all over your carpet and sofa and whether you are happy to clean it up every day.

Do you have any existing pets? Some pets do not mix well with others. If you do already have pets you need to seriously consider the impact a new pet might have on them.

What sort of commitment are you willing to make? Some pets live a lot longer than others. Dogs for example can live up to 20 years depending on what breed of dog you get whereas hamsters sometimes only live for a couple of years. If you are thinking of getting a pet that will live over ten years you need to seriously think about whether you are ready for such a commitment.

Another thing you need to think about before deciding on a pet is whether you can cater to their needs. Some pets need a lot of space to run around in, others need specially built cages and containers to live in. Do you have the space and equipment for the pet that you are thinking of getting? You also need to consider whether your home is pet friendly and if it is not whether you can adapt it to be suitable for the pet you want.

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