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How To Deal With Know It All Dog Owners

Most dog owners will have come across these types of people. You normally meet know it all dog owners at the dog park. They like to pounce on you and tell you everything they know about canine behaviour. That’s perfectly fine, until they start telling you how to train your dog.

Some dog owners consider themselves experts when they have had no training or experience of canine behaviour. Usually, all they have to go on is by their experience with their dogs.

Unfortunately a lot of doggy people tend to have very strong opinions. They will tell your dog is doing something wrong and in their mind there will only be one way to correct the behaviour. They man unintentionally make you feel like you are doing the wrong thing or make you question your training.

It’s fine to listen to their opinions, sometimes people have genuinely helpful things to say, but you don’t always have to take their advice on board. Only follow someone’s advice if you think it’s right for you and your dog.

Some dogs can be a bit overbearing and even begin to bully other dogs in the park. However, dog owners can be the same too. They can pick on people and bully them into thinking what they are doing is wrong. If you need behavioural advice for your dog go to an experienced canine behaviourist. They will be able to give you the correct advice and help guide you through the process instead of making you feel alienated.

Many dog owners get stuck in their ways and aren’t willing to consider new training methods or ideas. They might also be extremely loyal to one particular celebrity dog trainer and feel they need to spread the word about their techniques. You might not like the trainer they support or agree with their training techniques, so don’t be afraid to say so.

Politely decline their advice and explain why you would prefer to do things differently. In most cases if a know if all dog owner tries to force their opinions on you the best thing to do is avoid them and ignore what they are saying. You can listen to what they have to say initially but you don’t have to agree with them.
When it comes to training dogs and canine behaviour there are so many opinions out there. There are also a lot of controversial topics that you should probably avoid getting into a debate about. No one likes a pushy dog owner who is very narrow minded so just don’t get involved. How you train your dog is completely up to you and you shouldn’t let know it all dog owners with limited knowledge get to you.


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