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How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Owning a dog comes with certain responsibilities and one of these is having to clean their teeth. Yes, dogs need to have their teeth cleaned with a toothbrush just like humans do. If you don’t look after your dog’s teeth they can become decayed, build up excess plaque and even cause a serious infection. They can also develop very bad breath and yellow teeth. Dogs can develop similar dental problems to humans such as cavities.

Starting cleaning your dog’s teeth from a young age to keep their teeth in good condition and get them used to the process. Some dogs may not enjoy having their teeth cleaned at first, but if you are gentle and use a tasty doggy toothpaste they should come around. Never use human toothpaste as it contains ingredients that are poisonous to dogs. You can buy special dog that has appealing ingredients to entice your dog into having their teeth cleaned. You will also need a special dog toothbrush that is specially designed to clean dog’s teeth, or use a

If your dog suddenly develops really bad breath then it’s likely they have problems with their teeth. Products such as fresh breath spray can help, but they are only a temporary solution. Breath spray will improve your dog’s breath but it probably won’t get rid of the problem. You need to take care of their teeth. Other ways you can help to improve your dog’s dental hygiene include getting them chews and toys that will naturally clean their teeth. to view our range of dental .

Don’t try and clean their teeth when they are full of energy. Take them for a nice long walk first so that they are more relaxed and likely to keep still. If you are brushing their teeth for the first time don’t overdo it. If they don’t like it much just try and do a little bit and build up their confidence over time. Give them a treat afterwards so that they develop a positive association with the experience of having their teeth cleaned.

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning your dog’s teeth:

  • Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and rub it into the bristles.
  • Get your dog to lay down on the floor or if they are comfortable enough get them to sit in your lap.
  • Hold onto their muzzle with one hand and gently open their lip with the other.
  • Gently put the brush on your dog’s teeth and begin brushing at the gum line.
  • Begin with their back teeth and work your way to their front teeth once you know they are OK with the process.
  • Don’t force your dog to have their teeth cleaned if they are clearly very stressed. Stop and try again another time.
  • If your dog is in pain, refuses to have their teeth clean or displays any signs of aggression do not clean their teeth. Take them to your vet and ask them what needs to be done.


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