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How to Choose the Right Breed of Cat

How to Choose the Right Breed of Cat


Cats are fabulous pets which suit most households. However, it is important to consider the personalities and needs of the different breeds before choosing a cat as these can vary dramatically. A cat of any breed could turn out to be intelligent, loving, independent or highly vocal. But certain personality traits are more likely to exhibited by certain breeds and some breeds will demand more of your time because of their physical characteristics.



Moggies are cats of mixed breed and so their character traits can vary dramatically. It can help if you know a cat’s family history as this could provide clues to how a moggie may behave. But the ancestry of most moggies will be a mystery so they can possess a wide range of personalities and physical characteristics. Moggies tend to suffer less health issues than pure breed cats which is a definite plus point.


Pure Breeds

Every cat is an individual but a cat’s breed can provide some insight into their personality. Some breeds are generally more affectionate than others whilst certain breeds are known for being highly vocal or intelligent. Pure breed cats are likely to be more prone to illness and physical deformity. You must be prepared to cope with these issues if you are planning on investing in a pedigree pet.


Longhair Cat Breeds

Longhair cats look adorable but are harder to care for. Persians, Maine Coons, Himalayans and Siberians all require regular grooming which they may never learn to enjoy! They will make demands on your time and deposit a copious amount of fur on your furnishings. However, Persians and Maine Coons tend to be loving and loyal pets. Persians are a good choice if your cat is to be an indoor pet. Himalayans can be incredibly characterful and intelligent whilst Siberians are very gregarious making them excellent choices for families.


Semi-Longhair Cat Breeds

Semi-longhair cats have beautiful coats, but just like long-haired cats, they'll need an owner who has the time to groom them. Birmans and Ragdolls are extremely cute and generally like to receive a lot of attention from their owners. They need mental and physical stimulation and are both playful and intelligent. These breeds are not a great choice if you spend a lot of time away from the home.


Oriental Cat Breeds

Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese cats are certainly beautiful and will usually relish human company. They tend to be very loving, intelligent and inquisitive. But their need for attention and tendency to be vocal makes them more demanding pets than a typical moggie. Oriental cats are a poor choice if you enjoy peace and quiet as they love the sound of their own voices! Orientals such as Sphynx cats and Abyssinians often do not socialise well with other pets or small children and so fare best when they are a single pet with an adult owner.


British Shorthair Cats

These breeds are popular choices with cat lovers. They have a variety of coat colours and patterns and tend to be relaxed in nature. They are good pets for households with children and enjoy attention from people but are not generally the sort of cat who will never leave your side. They may well have an independent streak and so can be an excellent choice if you are not at home all day.


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