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How To Choose A Super Comfy Dog Bed For Your Pooch

Whilst your ever-adoring canine companion might settle for any old place when it comes to cuddles, the same might not be said for his dog bed. After all, when doggy dreams are on the agenda, only the comfiest of beds will do.

So, just how do you find that perfect place for your pooch to lay his weary head? With so many options, it can be a little overwhelming. There are also several different factors that you’ll need to take into consideration when assessing his naptime needs. From small to large, round to square, and let’s not forget his favourite sleeping position - superdog anyone?

We’ll take you through the important things to look at when buying your pooch his very own comfy bed…

Where will Fido’s bed go?

A good first step is to consider where the dog bed is going to live. Make observations about where they like to lounge. Is there a quiet area where they can lay their heads down? Will a certain place set off ? And what about the temperature? Too cold and they'll be shivering in their sleep. And too warm? Well, that is one (overly) hot dog.

Dog beds can also be pretty roomy, so consider where this might go before you buy it. You don’t want to end up with a sizeable dog bed and nowhere to place it.

What size will he need?

Dog beds range in size, which is handy, as so does your beloved dog. So, when selecting your pals new favourite bed, you'll need to consider the logistics. Chihuahua or toy poodle? You can go for small or extra small. But if you have a German Shepherd? Good luck getting him under those 22-inch covers.

And if you’re picking up an adorable new puppy? Make sure to pick up a bed that will grow with him.

What’s his go-to sleeping position?
Does your little sausage sleep like, well, a little sausage? If so, a long or oval bed is probably going to be a safe bet. But if your barking best mate prefers to curl up like a fox in a box? It’s hip to be square. So make sure you choose a shape that will best accommodate Fido’s dreaming needs.

What antics does your pooch get up to?

When it comes to material, there are tons of pawsome ones to choose from. But what you really want to be looking for if your doggy enjoys a little roll around in the mud? Something that is waterproof or washable will do. As the , clean bedding is a key step to keeping your four-legged friend healthy.

So, from dirt and doggy odours to seasoned pests such as fleas, you'll ideally want something that wipes clean or something you can either scoop up whole or strip off and pop in the washing machine and it'll come out brand spanking new.

Does your doggy have any special demands?

Is your doggy susceptible to allergies? If so, hypoallergenic beds would suit their sneezing and itching needs. How about his age? Older doggies might require the need for an orthopaedic bed, as would those with joint or hip problems.

It’s also a good idea to think about getting a mat as a crucial part of the dog bed buying process. Why? Well, mats are usually used to provide some form of protection from hard floors, as well as preventing damage to the beds themselves by providing a welcoming buffer.

Why not take a look at so that your pal can get a pawfect night’s sleep.


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