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How to check your dog’s dietary requirements

If you have a dog that starts to pick at his food there may be a few reasons for him or her not touching the food.

Sometimes it could be your dog is having an off day with food. Like humans, a pet can decide they are tired of the same food day after day and would like a change.

If you are feeding your dog with dried pet food, look to adding some raw vegetables or pieces of fruit to the dish and liven up his or her taste buds.

The next question is to ask yourself is, have you been feeding your pet too many pet treats and is the dog not hungry enough at mealtimes?

Check out if the dog looks to have lost weight and if energy levels are the same. If this behaviour continues to worry you then consider taking your pet for a check up to the local veterinarian.

Keep a food diary for a couple of days to check the amount of food being consumed as you may find you are over feeding your pet.

Caution: a pet that refuses to eat may be a warning to you of illness or stress.

More advice on pet care is available at online pet stores.


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