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How to Charm Your Stubborn, Feisty Cat

Cats have different temperaments and approaches toward adapting to people. Some warm up easily while others take weeks or months to feel that a “hooman” is not a threat to their kind. They can be stubborn with adjusting, as they’re innately lazy and often don’t want to deal with anything out of their comfort zone.

Sometimes, if they’ve gone through some sort of trauma, cats can get jumpy and feisty. If you get them to do something they’d rather not do, you might find they spit and hiss, then frantically run away. They can also bite or scratch if felt threatened with no escape.

Owning a feisty cat with a bad attitude can be disheartening and certainly very challenging at times.

It can be discouraging and frustrating, but there are ways to charm these beautiful fur balls and win their hearts over.

Familiarisation is the key

If you’re a stranger to ‘le chat’, keep in mind your cat may not initially want to be your best bud. Get your cat used to your presence so that they realise you mean them well.

Let them roam peacefully around the same room/place that you are in, and don’t make any sudden sounds or movements. Let them come to you when they are ready.

Also, talking to your new feline friend in a soft, low tone will help it to recognize your voice and boost its familiarity with you.

Feed them their favourite food and

A way to a cat’s heart is through its stomach.

Some cats might like salmon flakes but some like chicken gravy. Experiment on the kind and type of food that seem to make them happy. You’ll be surprised one day that it’ll approach and start “meowing”, demanding you specifically to feed them. If that happens, the chances are, you’re in.

Touch goes a long way

Once your cat has started to get acquainted with you, it’s time to get them used to petting.

Use a treat or a spoonful of their favorite dish and reach out to them on elbow’s length. It make take some time, but eventually they’ll be tempted to come and have a taste. Then slowly reach your other hand, followed by a slow and light stroke on its head. It may not happen the first time, you might find they run away. But don’t give up just because of a small setback, just keep trying and in time they will start to trust you.

You might not feel accomplished the first few tries but be persistent and switch your motto to “Patience is a virtue” and it’ll be rewarding.

Play time is bonding time

A great way to win your feisty cat over is to play with them. This helps to improve your bond and also gets rid of all that pent up energy. Feisty cats often just need an outlet to calm them down a little. Make time for play time and this will help your human/kitty relationship.

Give them lots of love and understanding

Hopefully, if you show them love and understanding, your fur ball friend’s heart will melt and they just might acknowledge you as the “master”. But realize and understand that they are independent creatures, only wanting to do what they solely want to do. Yet they will always come back to you for food, attention and shelter, so have faith and one day you just might be able to tame your feisty cat.


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