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How to care for your guinea pig

Guinea pigs are about fourteen inches in length and their lifespan is up to six years.

What most people do not realise is they are vegetarians. Guinea pigs will happily munch away on peas, carrots plus any green leafs apart from lettuce. If you feed a guinea pig lettuce it can cause them to suffer from colic just like a human baby.

They are like humans in their habits. They are not keen on change and they have their likes and dislikes.

If you change their diet you will have to be careful. Good food for guinea pigs is a staple mix which you can find in a pet store. A slice of apple as a treat is acceptable.

Other information is available at online pet stores regarding the supplement Vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed to keep your pet in good health. However you have to add the correct amount to water daily. If not your guinea pig could overdose.

Change the water on a daily basis.

In pet stores there are cages, accessories and treats for your guinea pig which encourages then to climb and use their teeth.

Buy plenty of fresh hay for your guinea pigs cage and replenish it often.

Caution: remember guinea pigs are vegetarians so meat, sugary treats and dairy products will make them ill.


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