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How To Brush Your Dog Correctly

It’s important, especially if you have a dog with longer hair, to brush them regularly. Brushing isn’t just good for your dog’s coat, but it can help identify any medical issues such as lumps and bumps, or sneaky hidden parasites.

However, it’s important that you brush your dog correctly to prevent injuring them, making them uncomfortable, or damaging their coat. And remember dogs with shorter hair need to be brushed too, many of them still maul quite a lot. Brushing stimulates their skin, gets rid of excess hair and also stops your dog’s coat from turning into a giant fur ball. Some dog breeds require brushing every single day to prevent matting and tangles.

Here’s a few top tips to help you brush your dog correctly.

Brush in the direction of the hair

When brushing your pooch, make sure you brush in the direction of the hair, not against it. Brush along the hair and away from your dog’s skin. If your dog is happy to be brushed, you can start at their head and work your way along their body.

However, if your doesn’t like being brushed or is a little scared, start brushing from their bottom. This will help them get used to it before you approach their face which can feel more invasive. Take care when brushing certain parts of their body, such as their ears and underbelly, where you need to brush more gently.

Buy the right brush for your dog’s coat

If you use the wrong brush you could end up damaging your dog’s coat and skin and hurting them. We’ve got a huge selection of which as designed to suit different coats. Hard slicker pin brushes are only suitable for dogs with really thick coats. Soft slicker brushes are for dogs with shorter coats.

Be mindful of the pressure you are applying

When you're brushing your dog’s coat, imagine you are brushing your own hair. It hurts when you try and hack away at a tangle right? This can be painful for dogs too, so be careful not to apply too much pressure or hurt your dog when trying to remove tangles. Hold their hair close to the skin and gently tease the tangle out, this stops their hair from pulling on their skin so much.

How often to brush your dog

Dogs with short coats may only need to be brushed every weeks, or every couple of weeks. But dogs with longer hair that tends to tangle quickly or mault a lot often need brushing every day. Talk to your vet or dog groomer about how often your dog should be brushed.

Stubborn mats

If your dog’s coated is severely matted, whatever you do, don’t try and hack away at their coat with a brush. This will be horribly painful for your dog and you could even end up tearing their skin.

Take your dog to a professional groomer if their coat is knotted and you can’t brush the knots out. They will then most likely shave off the hair with clippers, which may not look pretty, but it’s the best thing for your dog. You can try using a detangling spray for minor tangles, but if that doesn’t work seek professional assistance.

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