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How To Bath And Dry Your Dog

Do you want to successfully bath and dry your dog at home? It may seem like a fairly straightforward process but there are a lot of things to remember and lots of ways to make the experience nicer for your dog. Here are some rough guidelines and things you should try and do when you bath and dry your dog. Remember every dog is different and their needs may vary depending on health issues, age and temperament. 

1. Brush Your Dog

One mistake that a lot of people make is not brushing their dog before the bath. If you don’t do this you can make tangles even worse and your dog’s coat will suffer. Make sure you give your dog a good brush before the bath, getting rid of any big knots and tangles. Brush through their entire coat and then they should be ready for their bath.

2. Pre-Bath Preparations

Before you attempt to put your dog in the bath or begin the bathing process you need to get everything ready. Once they are in the bath you may not be able to grab extra bits. Have all your towels ready as well as your shampoo before you begin.

3. Place Dog In Bath

Be careful when lifting your dog. If you have a heavy dog then ask someone else to help you lift them into the bath.

4. Getting Your Dog Wet

When you start getting your dog wet it is probably best to start at their rear end. Spraying water near their face straight away will probably frighten them. So start at their rear end and work your way slowly towards their head. Take extra care not to let water get into your dog’s ear canal, you can prevent this by covering your dog’s ears with your hands or using cotton wool.

5. Applying Shampoo

Read the manufacturer’s instructions to see how much shampoo to use and whether it needs to be diluted. Apply the shampoo avoiding sensitive areas such as the eyes and ears. If your dog has sensitive skin you may want to use a hypoallergenic or aloe vera based shampoo, speak to your vet if you are unsure.

6. Rinsing Your Dog

Rinse the soap off your dog’s face first, again, being careful not to get water in their ears. Then work your way down the rest of the body. Ensure you have rinsed off all the shampoo and there are no bubbles left on your dog’s coat as this can irritate them. Check hard to reach areas such as the arm pits, tail and stomach.

7. Towel Dry

Try and dry your dog off as much as possible when they are in the bath. Get rid of any excess water, especially around the feet and legs.

8. Using A Dryer

If you are going to use a dryer make sure you have it on a very low heat setting and be careful if your dog is not used to a dryer. Start with the power on very low so that your dog can adjust to the noise and pressure.

9. Finishing Touches

After your dog is completely dry, give them another brush, spray them with dog perfume and you are all done.


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