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How much should I be feeding my cat?

Many cat owners get themselves worked up over the type and amount of pet food they should be feeding their adult cat. In reality, there is no definitive answer to this question as it can depend on the feeding habits of the cat in question.

Some cats are provided with wet cat food from an early age and prefer this all the way into adulthood. Other cats are given dry cat food in the form of pellets and they can be perfectly happy on this, as long as plenty of water is made available to them. The dry food should contain plenty of meat protein for the cat and you should ensure it contains everything the cat needs in order to maintain a balanced diet.

When it comes to the amount you give your cat, just make sure you monitor the health of your cat, so it remains active and doesn’t become overweight. There is no set amount to give your cat, but you should pay attention to the guidelines offered by the pet food supplier. You can supplement the food with cat milk and occasionally giving the cat some chicken, as long as it is broken up into manageable pieces.

Just remember to feed the cat at set meal times, possibly twice a day and help to get the cat into a routine. Monitor your cat’s food intake and make sure they are given the right balance of food in terms of nutrients and quantity.


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