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Do You Spend More on Your Dog Than on Your Child?

It sounds like a ridiculous question doesn’t it? Who would spend more on their dog than on their child? Actually many people do and perhaps you are one of them but hadn’t even realised it! When you add everything up, just how much are you spending on your dog? A new survey suggests that it could be more than you are spending on your child.

Pampered Pooches

A recent survey of dog owners has revealed some surprises about the extent of their expenditure. 1260 owners were questioned and so it is likely that the revelations are representative of dog lovers in the UK. It was found that, on average, dog owners spend an incredible £2,400 per year on their pet. This includes the cost of food, vets’ bills, presents, grooming and leisure activities. Half of those surveyed indicated that they spend more on their pooch than on their child. Gosh!

Canine Care

More than half of the dog owners surveyed reported that they have called in sick to work in order to stay home and care for their dog. Two thirds of owners tend to visit their vet more than their own doctor and 78% said that they are more concerned about their pooch’s health than their own.

Technology and Pet Care

37% of those surveyed have even turned to technology to improve their pet’s health. Their efforts have included the use of activity trackers and brain training games. They spend an average of 2 hours per day worrying about their pooch and most can’t wait to rush home from work to be with their furry friend. 86% of dog owners report missing their pet when they are at work.

Dog Lovers

It looks like we really are a nation of devoted dog lovers and that we will do whatever it takes to give our pets a happy and healthy life, even if that means neglecting our own health. This survey does not suggest that dog owners are neglecting their children but it does tell us that dogs are an incredibly important feature of family life for many people. No expense is spared when it comes to our canine friends and that means a monthly bill of £200.


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