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How Dogs Can Help With Anxiety

Can owning a dog reduce levels of anxiety?

Dogs can be amazing for people who suffer with anxiety. Anxiety is very frustrating and it can prevent people from living their lives. Lots of people suffer with stress and anxiety, and one of the things you can do to help is spend time with your dog.

Simply stroking a dog releases happy endorphins and helps you to feel relaxed. When you feel a wave of anxiety coming on, go and play with your dog or simply cuddle up with them on the sofa. Dogs also have a way of knowing when you are upset and stressed, and they will probably show you that they sense how you are feeling by nuzzling you and trying to make you feel better.

Another way that dogs can help people with anxiety is that they force you to get out of the house. You have no choice, you have to walk your dog on a daily basis, which means getting some fresh air. Going out on a walk with your best friend and doing a bit of exercise can do wonders for those suffering with anxiety. You will also come across other dog walkers and meet other dogs whilst out on your walks, which is a welcome distraction.

Playing some games with your dog can also help to distract your mind. Dogs can be entertaining and make you laugh a lot, which will instantly help to lift your mood. Also simply having the companionship of a dog can help, you know they will always be there for you. You don’t have to explain how you are feeling to dogs, they don’t ask any questions, they are just there. Knowing you have a loyal companion who provides you with unconditional love can make anxiety more bearable.

Dogs provide you with company when you are feeling lonely and like no one understands. They don’t judge you or put pressure on you to get back to normal. There’s no better feeling than stroking your dog and seeing just how much they adore your company and love. Having a dog gives you a sense of purpose and responsibility, even when the rest of our lives seem to be falling apart, we still manage to provide for your dogs.

Having anxiety is not a good enough reason to get a dog if you don’t already have one. Before you make the decision to get a dog, you need to seriously think about whether you are in a position to care for a dog properly. However, if you can care for a dog properly, they can bring a lot of joy into your life.


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