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How dog toys can help with common dog behaviour issues

We stock a whole host of different dog toys that not only keep your pups busy for hours. But, these toys can also help with common dog behaviour issues such as boredom, chewing, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviours. In our latest blog post, we’re looking at some of our tops picks as we educate you on which toys you should be using to combat particular behaviour issues that your beloved dog might be experiencing.

Types of Dog Toys

Soft toys: great for reassurance for nervous dogs

Did you use to have a teddy bear when you were younger? Maybe you still have one now. Just like us humans, dogs could use a little reassurance from time to time also, whether it’s whilst they’re chilling on the sofa of an evening or a little pal to sleep with. How about treating your canine companion to our or ? We have plenty of options so we’re confident you will find your dog's new best friend, minus the huge price tag!

Chew toys: good for combatting teething and chewing issues

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, but after time, chewing can become a problem behaviour issue that needs to be nipped in the bud before your dog goes on to destroy everything and anything in your house. Like most common dog behaviour issues, prevention is key. Start by offering your pup a selection of amazing doggy chew toys from the offset, from the stage they are teething right through to adulthood, it’s super important for your dog's health and jaw strength. We have a whole range of on offer here at Time For Paws, be sure to read the descriptions to find out which toys are best suited to your canine. In case you didn’t know, certain dogs chew differently, you can read about it on our blog post .

Tug toys: if your dog loves these, you can use them for recall training

Tug toys can keep your pup entertained for hours on end whilst providing a fantastic tool for recall training. We stock an extensive range of in various sizes and styles suited to many breeds of dogs. Whether your dog is best suited to a cotton toy, rubber or even tennis ball style, you will find a suitable option. Tug toys are great when it comes to bonding with your dog, training and keeping them active.

No matter if your dog is old, young, big or small, one thing is for sure, they will love to play with toys. Playing games with your dogs can have a significant effect on their behaviour, your relationship and make training much easier, as well as making your beloved dog a whole lot happier.

Top tip: If you are teaching your dog to play with a particular toy as part of a behaviour treatment, allow up to 8 weeks for your plan to become effective and ensure you are choosing the right toy to combat the issue in hand.


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