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How Cats Can Help You Live A Better Life

Today’s modern world is going gaga for cats. It’s near enough impossible to scroll through your Facebook feed without – BAM! - seeing yet another fluffy ball of wonder, doing something extraordinarily cute, or superfluously silly for your curious eyes.

You might even be one of those lucky folks who receives daily cat-dates from your devoted cat-lover friends or, plot-twist, you might well be that crazy cat friend who regales in sending out countless photos and memes; immersing yourself (and everyone else) in the pure delight of said cat antics.

But showmanship aside, your little kitty pal can provide so much more than this. Doctor. Healer. Pest control. Electrician (okay, that one might be a stretch). But you name it, your cat has probably got their paws all over it.

Our cats are a huge part of our lives, but they have more to offer than being a chilled out companion who loves to laze around. Our kittys can have a big impact on our life in lots of different ways, from improving our overall health to forcing us to get out of bed and providing plenty of entertainment. In in all, cats are pretty darn awesome. Here’s how your cat can help you live a better life.

Calling Doctor Snuggles…

Allergies? Check. A suppressed immune system? Check. Heart problems? You’ve guessed it. Check!

Yep, owning one of these little furballs could well just be the prescription you need for a whole host of health issues.

One stroke of their technicolour coat of calm can help to lower blood pressure, but simply owning a cat results in exposure to pet fur, resulting in increased resistance to allergens, which means ta-da! Your risk for allergies and asthma is decreased. Step aside inhaler.

Did you also know that owning a cat could protect you against heart disease? A study from the found that those who didn’t own cats were between 30 and 40 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than cat owners. Pretty impressive figures, huh. And compared to those of dog owners? Well, guess who came top of the class?

Ain’t no teacher’s pet like your clever, clever kitty.

Cats also know when you’re poorly. They can seek it out with their magical cat powers, providing their owner’s with comfort in their time of need. So not only can you be safe in the knowledge that your feline friend has helped you recognise the issue, it’s cat cuddles all round whilst you heal. Purr-fect.

A Healing Paw…

Taking on the proud title of cat owner can help with leading a calmer life, as company with your kitty has been proven to help lower both stress and anxiety levels. This could be due to innate companionship, endless cuddle time or just a friendly ear who won’t bite back (at least, conversationally).

But cat counselling aside, your feline friend could provide you with more than an increased sense of wellbeing. They can actually HEAL you. With – get this – the vibrations of their purr. Erm, come again?

When a cat purrs at a frequency of 25-140 Hertz, any human within range can be silently reaping the rewards. In a study conducted by Fauna Communications, researchers found that a cat’s purr covers the same frequencies that are therapeutic for muscle repair, symptoms of (that’s shortness of breath to us humans), pain relief and even bone strengthening.

That right there, is pretty magical stuff. As if you needed more reasons to get one of your very own.

Instant Protection

Okay, so perhaps not in the way that you think, unless of course you have the biggest and most fearless of Maine Coons.

Think more along the lines of those pesky little home invaders. That’s right – rodents. Particularly if you’re living in an abode that seems more prone to housing these troublemakers, an investment of the feline variety could well be the deterrent you need.

Cats are snobs at heart and so there is absolutely no way they will put with another species trying to set up camp in yours (or quite rightly, their) home.

Do bugs also seem to be, erm, bugging you? You’ve guessed it. They can also help get rid of those. And if the problem seems bigger than your kitty friend is able to handle? Well, at the very least, you’ll be alerted to the problem with your pawsome pal around to look out for you. Cheers Mittens.

So next time you find yourself cursing because you’ve tripped over a thousand cat toys at 3am whilst Mr. Fluffington looks on in perceived joy, stop and think of all the times he has used his magical cat vibes to protect you. Go on, let him off… just this once.


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