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Holiday Pet Care

If you share your life with your treasured pets then you will need to make arrangements for them when you go on holiday. There are a number of pet care options available to you but you should not make any decisions at the last minute. Planning ahead will ensure that your animals are well-cared for and that you can travel with greater peace of mind.

Planning for Your Pet’s Care

You will book most of your trips well in advance so it makes sense to sort out your pets at the same time. Kennels and minders can be busy at peak times so you should book the services you need at the earliest opportunity. This will give you enable you to make the best choices for your furry, feathered or scaly friends!

Boarding Kennels

You do have other options but a good boarding kennels remains an excellent choice. However, boarding your pets can be costly. A properly run establishment will provide secure and comfortable lodgings for your animals and will take good care of them. You will usually be able to choose their diet and most kennels will be able to administer any medication that they require. But you must perform a thorough check of a kennels before booking and look online for reviews from other owners.

If you have an exotic or unusual pet, you may still be able to find a specialist establishment where you can board them, although this may not be local to you.

Some animals find a period in kennels extremely distressing and so it might be preferably to make different arrangements if this is the case. Do bear in mind that the kennels will require your pets’ inoculations to be up to date which is another good reason to plan ahead.

Friends and Neighbours

You may be lucky enough to have a helpful friend, family member or neighbour who is happy to care for your animals whilst you are away. But things can and do go wrong unexpectedly so leave the contact details for your vet with the carer together with some cash so they have the means to pay for treatment.

Pet Sitters

Your pet would doubtless be much happier while you are on holiday if they can stay at home. If you don’t have a friend who can help, then you could engage a pet sitter. It is easy to connect with potential sitters online via specialist sites. The sitter will live in your home whilst you away and will provide enhanced security for the house in addition to caring for your animals. This type of sitter can be engaged free of charge.

Alternatively, you could seek out a pet carer who will look after your pets in their home. These minders are generally enthusiastic animal lovers who have room for an extra animal or several and who enjoy looking after them. They will charge for their services but could be a real boon. Once you have a found the right person you can use them again in the future.

Whichever option you choose, make the appropriate checks and preferably organise a trial weekend to see how things go.


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