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New Yorkers find hilarious solutions following clampdown for dogs on subways


New York commuters have gone to unexpected lengths in order to carry their beloved pets with them on the city’s subways, following a crackdown on the travelling canines.

With the exception of service animals to aid those in need, dogs must now be carried in an attempt to avoid frustration amongst non-pet lovers, as new laws are implemented across the underground train networks. The new rules introduced by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority have however failed to discourage commuters, with many outsmarting the system and taking advantage of its loopholes.

The laws do not hold any restrictions over the maximum size of a travellers’ bag, which has led to a craze in which hundreds of New Yorkers have decided to carry their pooch with them.Whether it’s a handbag, satchel carrier or DIY plastic bag, dogs of all shapes and sizes were still widely smuggled onto the underground trains system over recent months.

Examples of the sharp-witted movement include this hilariously designed IKEA doggy bag, which caught on with larger pet owners as an easily affordable alternative to investing in an expensive carrier. Similarly, commuters with smaller canines used a variety of carrying methods from bags for life to higher end handbags, in their attempts to expose the systems loophole.

Sitting comfortably on a busy subway carriage, this pooch was spotted in Manhattan’s West Fourth Street Station last month. Her owner is said to have walked her to the station, before nestling her into the handbag for the journey.

Several city-goers even took extreme lengths to ensure that their favourite pets could travel in luxury during their daily subway commute. This man, seemingly escorting his two pooches in a trailer designed for small children, was quick to outsmart the laws.

Commuters have taken to social media in order to provide solutions, which has sparked hilarious images to go viral and created huge amusement amongst city-goers.

‘Subwaydogs’, an Instagram account devoted to snapping pooches using the networks, has further helped to virally promote the movement against these newly implemented laws.

Only 219 commuters were caught last year for taking unauthorized pets on the public transport systems in big apple, which dropped from a figure of 261 in 2014, according to the . Some people do however feel that the ban was long-awaited and is needed to prevent the overcrowding of subways.

Peter Schmidt, a 32-year-old from New York, recently told : “I think the ban makes sense, the subway is already dealing with overcrowding and you never know how well-trained or friendly someone else’s dog is. “As much as I’d love to bring my dog Winni without the bag, I’m sure the other passengers are a lot more comfortable that she’s in there.”

Whether the authorities decide to take a firmer grip on their new rules is yet to be reported, but it has certainly amused many New Yorkers making the daily commute.


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