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Health Products For Cats

Want to keep your cat’s health in top condition? There are lots of products to help improve your cat’s health and Wellbeing, as well as solutions for specific health and behavioural problems. Here are some of our health products to help your cat feel at their best. 

Cat Flea Treatment

We have lots of different flea treatments available to help you protect your cat from fleas. Cats should be regularly treated for fleas, if you notice fleas on your cat then get some flea treatment immediately.

Cat Wormers

Treat your cat regularly for worms to keep them protected. We offer a choice from Beaphar, Drontal and Pancur worming treatments.

Cat Hair Furminator

Does your cat have long fur? Keep things under control with the cat hair Furminator, which gets rid of excess hair and fur balls. The Furminator can reduce shedding by 90%, keeping your cats coat in better condition.

Dorwest Veterinary Organic Valerian

If your cat gets easily stressed and sometimes displays excessive nervous behaviour then try the Dorwest Veterinary Organic Valerian, which is easy to administer and quickly absorbs into your cats system. You can also give this to your cat during overly stressful occasional and events such as going to the vets or while you are moving house.

Feliway Natural Spray

Feliway is a natural spray that helps to prevent your cat from urinating where you don't want it to. It works b mimicking the smell of a cat's natural scent glands. Your cat won't want to go to the toilet anywhere near where you spray Feliway Natural Spray.

GWF Nutrition And Joint Aid For Cats

Improve your cat's joints by giving them a helping hand from GWF Nutrition and Joint Aid for Cats. It specifically helps with providing support for the normal wear and repair of cartilage, synovial fluid, tendons and joints.


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