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Hazards For Dogs To Watch Out For In The Summer

Summer brings with it a few different hazards that can be dangerous for dogs. Although many of use welcome the warm weather, it’s important to be prepared and keep your safe. The hot temperatures pose the highest threat to your dog, so it’s crucial that you find ways to keep them cool. Here are some hazards you are likely to come across in the summer months.

Grass seeds

are literally the seeds that grow on grass, particularly in the summer. For some reason they seem to find their way into dogs paws and skin. Grass seeds are very sharp and can easily become embedded in your dog’s skin. They can cause infections and even get wedged under the skin causing considerable discomfort. Keep an eye out for grass seeds and check your dog’s fur, body and feet after every walk. Remove and discard any grass seeds you find.

Heat stroke

On particularly hot days your dog could be vulnerable to heat stroke. Familiarise yourself with the signs of heatstroke such as lethargy, balance issues, sickness and excessive panting. Don’t leave your dog outside in direct sunlight and make sure they have a cool place to relax and escape the sun. Do not leave your dog in a hot car, ever.


Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water. They will drink more throughout the summer so remember to keep refilling their their water bowl. Dogs can easily become dehydrated in hot weather.


As your dog will generally be out and about more in the summer, they are more likely to pick up a few ticks. Dogs often get ticks when they run through forests and are out exploring the countryside. Ticks can cause lyme disease and if left will feed on your dogs blood. Speak to your vet and find out how safely remove them. Check your dog’s body when you come back from walks.


Your dog is likely to spend more time around water in the summer, such as lakes and the sea. If you take your dog near water keep a close eye on them and don’t let them off the lead if they aren’t strong swimmers. Some dogs really don’t like water and will struggle if they get into deep water.

Wasps and bees

Wasps arrive in the summer and can sting your dog. Bees will not normally go for dogs unless they feel threatened, so make sure your dog doesn’t go around chasing bees. If your dog gets stung keep an eye on them and take them to the vets for treatment if necessary. It’s especially important dogs don’t try and eat wasps as they can sting their throat and cause it to swell.

Hot ground

Pavements can get extremely hot in the summer and burn your dog’s feet. Don’t walk your dog on hot surfaces during the summer months.


Be careful with your dog when you have barbeques, don’t give them any food they wouldn’t normally have. Corn on the cobs are very hazardous as they can become lodged in your dog’s stomach.


Don’t over exercise your dog in the summer as this can lead to dehydration and heat stroke. Reduce their daily exercise on hot days.


Dogs can get allergies just like we do. Some dogs get skin allergies in the summer and can get quite nasty skin issues. Make sure your dog gets treatment if they develop any allergic reactions.


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