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Guinea Pigs need a variety of pet food

Guinea pigs are a popular choice as a pet for young children, as they are cute and cuddly don’t need taking for walks and you can leave them while you are out of the house.

Guinea pigs require a daily diet of fresh vegetables. Fruit is good for your guinea pig but avoid grapes as the grape could cause your pet to choke.

Some of the fresh food your guinea pig will enjoy eating are pieces of apple, cucumber, broccoli or carrot. Avoid giving lettuce as it can be poisonous.

Caution: Wash all fresh food to clear any insecticides.

Note: a daily intake of Vitamin C will stop scurvy and will help in the resistance of other diseases.

Pet supplies of hay, food pellets and water also play an important role in keeping your pet in good condition.

There is a range of dried guinea pet foods available online and in pet supplies stores. However do not buy large amounts as they need using up within a three month period.

Place a large amount of fresh hay in your guinea pig hutch and if you can, try to have a shelf in the hutch to keep the hay from the bottom of the hutch as it will stop the hay from becoming soiled.

Your guinea pig will need plenty of fresh water and there are special bottles available to keep the water in good supply.

Clean the water bottle regularly with a bottle brush just as you would with a new born baby to avoid infection.


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