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Gourmet Perle Cat Food

Paolo is an annoying cat with a complex personality. Over the last fifteen years he has dedicated his life to making mine more difficult. He dislikes being picked up and yet is prone to attention seeking. He has attacked the vet and the veterinary nurse and once moved out of the house for nine months because he decided that that he didn’t like my new kitten. He is forever bringing his prey into the house, usually when it is still alive, and he is a very fussy eater.

Or so I thought!

The Feline Menu

Paolo will quite happily refuse to eat for days if I have the audacity to provide cat food that he disapproves of. Unfortunately the foods on the approved list tend to change with alarming regularity. One week he will eat something with relish, the next week he takes one stiff of the bowl and walks off in disgust. Felix cat food is gobbled up for a few days and then only Gourmet Perle cat food will do. In the absence of psychic powers, I never know if I have made a feline faux pas until after I have spent the money.

One thing has always been for sure, though. Paolo is a light eater, at least when it comes to cat food. This is probably due to his intensive hunting. After letting various creatures run around the house for a bit, he does generally get around to eating them.

Clean Cat food Bowls

A few weeks ago Paolo’s eating habits began to change. He appeared to be eating much more food. The days of walking into the kitchen to find a half-eaten meal were gone and now his bowls had started looking like they had paid a visit to the dishwasher.

At first I put this new era down to Paolo’s age. He is fast becoming an old man and I wondered if he was less keen on engaging in hunting expeditions. I certainly hadn’t tripped over any mice for a while. But then there was spate of rodents in the house. I wondered if Paolo was simply loving the latest batch of Gourmet Perle Cat Food so much that he just had to eat it all. At least I wasn’t scraping food in the bin anymore.

Cat Food for Two

Then, one evening, I was sitting watching TV when I heard the familiar sound of the cat flap. I thought that Paolo must be returning from his latest adventure. Either that or the wind was getting up again. It had been quite blowy but that particular day the weather had been pleasant. I quickly realised that there was no wind and that Paolo was sitting at the other end of the sofa. Time to investigate!

I walked into the kitchen to see a fury white bottom disappearing out of the cat flap. We had an invader! So that was why I was going through so much cat food. I had felt like I was feeding two cats and it turned out that I was. What I couldn’t understand was why Paolo was allowing the interloper to get away with it. Perhaps he just couldn’t be bothered to fight it. I know how he feels!


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