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Google Lens Now Recognises Pet Breeds

I know I am just a teeny bit biased, but my dogs are super-cute! So cute that wherever I go, one person after another stops me to pet them and to ask what breed they are. I have even overheard complete strangers discussing my dogs and they usually guess them to be labradoodles. But they are actually Goldendoodles.

I was amused to hear that there’s a new Google Lens feature which can accurately assess a dog’s breed. Shazam for dogs, basically! Surely an app on my phone couldn’t do better than my vet or the three dog walkers who all guessed wrongly? Could Google Lens recognise my dogs?

Testing the Technology

I quickly uploaded a picture to the app and would you believe it! Google Lens analysed the snap and pronounced that my dog was, indeed, a Goldendoodle. Wow!

Google Lens uses AI and deep machine learning to identify people, places, text, objects and now even dogs and cats. It’s built into the Google Photos app and so is probably already available on your iOS or Android phone.

When you analyse your pet's image using the app, Google Lens will display a row of breeds, placing its best guess on the left. It doesn’t work every time and it helps if you have a nice, clear image of your pet, but it clearly knows more about dog breeds than most people do!

How to Use Google Lens

The app is easy to use. Simply download Google Photos to your smartphone, if you don’t already have it. Tap on a picture of your dog or cat and then tap the Lens icon on the toolbar at the bottom and your pet’s breed should be identified as if by magic!

It’s all very clever but in the midst of my excitement I wondered what I would actually use the technology for. I don’t need to identify my own dogs because I already know what breed they are. I suppose I could take pictures of any dog I was curious about. But that might look like I am preparing to steel them! Oh well, I am sure the technology will prove to have its uses!

Dogs, Cats and Lizards

By the way, Google Photos also makes it easier to find the snaps in your gallery that you are looking for as you can search by by breed, species, and emoji. Google Lens can also recognise lizards, so it is possible to search for pictures of a gecko, for instance!

If you have enough images of your pet, and who doesn’t, Google Photos can create a video tribute to your furry friend. In the app, simply go to the Assistant Tab and tap the movie button. You will be asked to choose between a Doggie movie or a Meow Movie and to select your pet. If you don’t fancy a movie, what about a photobook? Google Photos will make one of those too.

I don’t know if Google Lens is going to be of great use to me but it is certainly extremely clever and great fun to use.


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