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Getting Your Puppy Used To Grooming

Build Their Confidence

Puppy’s need to get used to the grooming process from a young age, so they don’t find it too daunting. Especially breeds that will need regular grooming as they get older, it’s best to introduce them to being groomed as early as possible. This doesn’t mean giving them a full groom straight away or cutting their hair. It’s getting them used to the essentials such as brushing, bathing and being dried. If you overwhelm them when they are young by doing too much they can be more difficult to groom. If you don’t feel comfortable grooming them yourself, take them to a grooming salon where grooming experts can introduce them to each stage properly.


Try and start brushing your pup regularly so that they see brushing as a normal, enjoyable experience. Make sure you get the correct brush for their coat, you can view different types of brushes here .


Some dogs love a nice bath, but others don’t particularly enjoy it. Start by giving your puppy regular baths so that they can get used to the sound of running water and the sensation of being washed. It’s best to use a hypoallergenic or puppy shampoo for young dogs such as this one


A lot of dogs don’t like hair dryers and having air blown on their skin. It helps to try and use a dryer when they are fairly young so that they become used to what it feels like and aren’t scared by the sound of the dryer. Try and towel dry your dog as much as possible before using a dryer. You can take them into a dog grooming salon where they use professional dryers.


Your puppy's nails will probably grow quite quickly and need regular trimming. This is another thing that puppies need to be comfortable with. If you are worries about cutting them to short then get your vet or a groomer to do it for you.

Things To Avoid

-Getting water in their eyes and ears.

-Having the water power on too high.

-Having the water too hot or too cold.

-Blowing the hair dryer in your dogs face.

-Getting soap in their eyes.

-Overwhelming your pup by doing too much at once.

-Being too rough when brushing out matts.


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