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Footwear for Dogs

I recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to stunning Croatia. The scenery was beautiful and it was hot and sunny every day. So hot, indeed, that I needed to cool down frequently by swimming in the sea. I couldn’t help thinking about my friend’s dog who is always keen to plunge into any lake or river, especially when she is feeling hot. How she would have loved swimming in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of the Adriatic! But I wondered how she would have coped with the high temperatures if she couldn’t jump in the water.

Hot Under Foot

I found the heat difficult enough and thought that it must be hard going if you happen to have a fur coat! What I hadn’t considered, until I took a ride on a car ferry, was how hot it could get underfoot. When you have shoes at your disposal you don’t notice hot floors!

I was enjoying a cold drink on the deck of the car ferry when a couple arrived accompanied by their dog. They chose a spot in the shade but proceeded to fit the dog with a set of protective boots. It was only then that I realised that the metal floor of the ferry must get really hot.

The dog clearly hadn’t worn his boots before as he was walking very strangely at first! His antics made me laugh but I was full of admiration for his owners for having the forethought to buy him his booties.

Boots for the Beach

After a few minutes the dog was walking normally so it didn’t take too long to get used to his smart new footwear. I made a mental note to get some of those boots for my friend’s dog. I enjoy taking her to the beach and I am sure that pebbles and sand can get painfully hot in the height of the summer.

Checking the Temperature

Protective boots for your pooch are an excellent investment and can be slipped into your bag and taken everywhere with you, just in case you encounter difficult surfaces. If you want to test whether the floor is too hot for your pet, place your hand or bare foot on the surface and see if you can hold it there in comfort for at least five seconds. If the surface is too hot for you, it is too hot for your dog!


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