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Fooling Around with New Pet Products

I am always looking for interesting stories to bring you. I am sure that you are keen to hear about the latest innovations in pet care and the amazing animals which have hit the headlines. My eyes always light up when I discover a great story so you can imagine my glee when I heard about Mecca Bingo’s new games for dogs!

Mecca were welcoming dogs to their bingo halls and had designed a version of the popular game which pooches could play!

Great News for Pets?

Surely this was great news and would get tails wagging. Dogs love to play and pampered pooches don’t enjoy being left at home when their owners spend a night at the bingo hall. I felt that bingo for dogs was an inspirational idea. Owners wouldn’t have to feel guilty about leaving their pets at home and Mecca would surely attract more business. What could be better?

Well I will tell you what could be better – a true story! I was an enormous April Fool! How very disappointing!

Easily Fooled

I had read almost the entire story before I started wondering exactly how the dogs would be able to play bingo! I initially thought that Mecca must know something that I don’t about dogs’ ability to read numbers. I then decided that the canine version of the game must involve the numbers lighting up automatically for the dogs. Perhaps clever pooches could learn to hit the right number if they were rewarded with treats? What a mug!

After a minute’s contemplation, I realised that I had been comprehensively fooled. Further investigation revealed that pets had inspired several rather hilarious pranks for April Fool’s Day.

Google PetLexa

Perhaps the best publicised of these was predictably Google’s announcement that it was launching PetLexa, an animal friendly version of Alexa. This would enable your furry friends to launch their chosen play lists and place orders for toys and food! The company also promoted Google Gnome, a smart speaker for your garden which gives you regular weather updates. With new tech arriving almost every day this little plastic gnome shaped device was utterly believable.

Furry Watches

Meanwhile, Analog Watch Co were advertising a new kind of designer wristwatch which would enable you to coordinate your look with your pet. All you need to do is harvest some fur (skin and all) and it could be used to create a unique timepiece! Gruesome!

Pet Lids

Lotus decided to grab some publicity by advertising their new Pet Lids. The limited edition range of cute miniature crash helmets for cats would be available for just one day – April 1, naturally.

PooPoo Drone

In America, Petco wowed their customers with a poop scooping drone! Designed specifically to remove poo from your lawn, the PooPoo Drone proved to be of great interest. Disappointed April Fools were offered a discount voucher by way of compensation! It has to be said that this drone is a very good idea!

Were you fooled this year and which of these barking ideas do you think actually has some bite?


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