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Flea control for dogs

Fleas are a common problem in dogs and cause major discomfort, irritation and a general unwell feeling for your dog. Fleas breed rapidly which means that if untreated, they can take a lot of blood from your dog which can cause anaemia in younger puppies.

Signs to look for if you think your dog has fleas are itching, skin rash and flea faeces in the fur. This looks like dirt on the fur but is actually from the fleas. Check for fleas by parting the hair on your dog and check in areas such as the bottom of their back, near the tail and underneath near the stomach and genital area.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to flea control, therefore the best way to avoid fleas on your dog is to use flea control drops such as Frontline treatments which are simply placed on the back of your dog's neck (so he can’t lick it off). Regular trips to the vets will also ensure fleas stay under control.

Despite your best attempts, it is possible your dog will still get fleas, so should this happen, the best way to get rid of them is from bathing your dog in dog shampoo specifically designed to kill fleas. You must also remember to clean everything your dog has been in contact with, so all his bedding, towels and also carpets and any furniture within your house. Fleas have various stages in their life cycle, therefore even if you have killed all the fleas on your dog, there will be eggs and younger fleas embedded in items within their living environment. Johnson's in particular, do a wide range of dog flea treatments for both your dog and your home.


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