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Five Popular Tips for Caring For Your Chickens

If you want to collect fresh eggs in the back yard every day then you are ready to buy yourself a few chickens. Raising chickens can be very fun as well as productive. Chickens don’t require as much attention as other farm animals, so they are the perfect animal to raise if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Here are five popular which make raising chickens that much easier.

1.Chicken Feeders:

Chicken feeders are different from other animal feeders. Chickens like to perch while they eat, but they can also eat without perching. Most feeders will not have the perching option for your chickens. They simply hold an ample amount

of grain and feed,sasasssas which comes down to the bottom and into a tray that extends out about an inch. You can adjust the amount of food that comes down. The feeders have several separators to keep the chickens from standing in their food and scratching it out where unwanted pests like rats and field mice can come and eat the food and make a home close by. Most feeders are for indoor use or for undercover use unless they have a lid to protect the food from becoming wet.

2.Chicken Feed:

Your chickens need to have a balanced diet in order to produce healthy eggs so what you put into your chickens will ultimately wind up on your plate. Chickens need both feed and grit in their diet. The feed provides vitamins and nutrients like calcium for better egg production and the grit cleans their craw so they can digest their food with ease. You can also allow your chickens to run freely on the property and use the poultry feed to supplement their diet. Chickens can eat table scraps, vegetable peelings, wilted vegetables, soured milk, cores of apples, or rice. There are many supplemental to help your chickens maintain their health.

3.Chicken Houses:

Chicken houses can vary in shape, colour, and size. There are many options to choose from. The basics of a chicken house should include a roof, roosting pole, and one or two laying boxes inside. You can attach any size chicken yard to the chicken house in order to allow your chickens to wake up and step outside for some fresh bugs and grubs.

4.Chicken Pens:

Chickens can become easy prey for a cat, dogs, or foxes, so it is important to give them a closed in pen that will allow them to run around during the day, get out of the sunlight when it is too hot, ample room to set their food and watering pan, and portable so you can move your chickens around every couple of days. There are different designs of chicken pens available on the market.

5.Health Products

Yes, even chickens need health products from time to time. Products such as cider vinegar can help protect your chickens against molting, eggshell strength, decrease respiratory complications, Coccidiosis, worm burden, as well as feather pecking. You can also buy liquid feed supplements that when poured over the food or mixed in water the chickens will natural drink the medication. Most of these liquids contain vitamins such as iron or phosphorus which can boost their appetite and give them added vitamins they may not have.

Once you have these you can then order your chickens and begin raising them for a healthier lifestyle.


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