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£100 Fine For Dog Owners Without Poo Bags

The government have put a new law into place that’s aimed at tackling the dog mess problem in Britain. There has been a lot of public outrage lately regarding the dog mess problem and anger at irresponsible owners who fail to pick up after their dogs. This new law will be introduced as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act. It will be policed by dog wardens and local officials.

Owners caught without means of picking up after their dog will be given a £100 on the spot fine. These fines need to be paid within seven days or offenders will face prosecution in court and a fine of up to £1000. Dog mess is very hazardous to young children and is damaging to the environment. Leaving dog mess lying on pathways is irresponsible and selfish.

The first area to enforce these new rules is Daventry District Council in Northamptonshire. This area serves a community of around 80,000 and the council gets approximately 120 complaints a year about dog waste. It is predicted that other areas in the country will eventually follow suit.

At the moment, you can already be fined if you don’t pick up after your dog in certain areas. However, changes in the law will mean that you can be fined just for not having poo bags on you. This will hopefully mean that less people will get caught short without a means to pick up after their dog and will think before they leave the house unarmed. However, it is unlikely to change the habits of the majority of people.

The Dogs Trust feel that this is not the best use of time and money. Laura Vallance, a spokesperson from the Dogs Trust commented ‘We'd rather see time and resources spent on tackling irresponsible dog owners who are behaving in an anti-social way.'

The Kennel Club feel that owners should first be educated about these changes before they are put into place, so that they can take appropriate action. The secretary of the Kennel Club, Caroline Kisko said: 'We would definitely support an education campaign before the new rule is implemented so that dog owners are aware of the plans and can ensure they have an excess supply of dog-waste bags with them.'

What do you think? Are these fines too harsh or will they help to make dog owners more responsible? Tell us your feelings and opinions on the subject of dog mess in the comment section below.
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