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Festive Hazards For Pets

Festive Hazards For Pets

A lot of pet owners don’t realise just how many hazards there are for pets during the festive season. You need to be aware of some of the things that could cause accidents, or objects that your pet might try and eat/chew.

The last thing you want at Christmas is to have to take your pet to the emergency vet. Get home home ready for Christmas, but also be mindful of what your pet might be able to get their paws on. Here’s a few festive hazards to watch out for.

Festive food

One of the main things yo7u need to watch out for is festive food. There are a few things that humans eat at Christmas, that pets should not have. For example,gravy is very high in salt and can bother a lot of pets. Cooked bones can cause serious problems, especially for dogs. Other foods some pets shouldn’t eat include raisins, macadamia nuts and raw dough.


Pets can cause themselves a lot of harm if they end up chewing or getting wrapped up in decorations. Keep your decorations out of reach to pets to be on the safe side. Pets can harm themselves on decorations such as tinsel, fairy lights, Christmas tree decorations, especially if they swallow them or get caught up.


Some very stupid pet owners think it’s funny to give their pets some alcohol. Alcohol can kill many pets, or at least make them extremely ill. Other pet owners give their pets alcohol unintentionally by feeding them foods that contain small amounts of alcohol, such as puddings soaked in alcohol.

Christmas presents

Yes, Christmas presents can also be a hazard to your pet. They might try to unwrap them by chewing them to get to what’s inside, which may also be hazardous to them. Don’t leave your pet in a room alone with Christmas presents and put them away once they have been opened.


We often end up lighting quite a few candles and warm fires at Christmas time. Although this keeps us feeling cosy, these things can be hazardous to pets. Keep pets away from candles and do not allow them to get too close to fireplaces.

Festive plants

A few festive plants are hazardous to some pets. Both mistletoe and holly can cause serious stomach upsets in dogs, and other pets. Stay on the safe side and keep all festive plants out of reach of pets.


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