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Female Ginger Cats and Millie the Monster

Millie Monster

I have always shared my home with cats. For most of my adult life I have had three or four cats living with me and had never had a problem until I introduced a little ginger kitten to the household a few year ago. The arrival of this tiny fur ball proved to be problematic. It would have been easier if my house had been struck by a tornado. Think major earthquake and you will have some idea of how disruptive this creature was.


It’s a Girl!

I had been told that the cute kitten was a male but soon realised that the new arrival was female. I thought that this was a good thing as I had three male cats at the time and did not want to disrupt the pecking order. Female ginger cats are quite rare, so I should have known that something was afoot!

I named the new kitten Millie and I did not expect any issues in settling her in. Unfortunately Millie had no concept of her diminutive size and immediately set about chasing and attacking all of my other cats. All I could hear was my cats charging up and down the stairs to get away from Millie.

Moving Out

She was unbelievably hyperactive and goaded the other cats relentlessly. After just a few days my cat Paolo decided to move out. He flat refused to enter the house again and proceeded to spend nine months living in the garden and sleeping on the door step. He simply detested Millie. By now she had become known as Millie Monster.

Canine Capers

When Millie was old enough to go outside her first act was to cross the road and start bating my friend’s dog. Charlie was a friendly Sprollie with a calm demeanour but Millie changed all that. She would bate him until he chased her and then she would hurtle back across the road and over the garden gate. Charlie started to bark constantly, disturbing the entire street. Paolo was still living outside and Yasmin, another of my cats, spent much of her time hiding in the spare bedroom.

I tried everything to tame the monster but nothing worked. As she grew from a kitten into quite a large cat, she continued to terrorise everything that moved and didn’t calm down one iota. The vet was confounded and declared that I had invested in a freak!

Tidal Wave

Millie had failed to form any bonds with my other cats who had hitherto been living peacefully together for years. She was a feline tsunami that could not be stopped. I was eventually forced to find her a new home with a friend. She was best suited to a single cat household where she could be the centre of attention and where she could not ruin the lives of other pets. She would have been a great choice for life in a remote cabin in Alaska or for a goat herder on the farthest reaches of the Mongolian Steppe!

Millie remains my only feline failure. The one cat that I could not integrate into my home or enjoy living with! Following her departure it took weeks to persuade Paolo to move back in and I have never sought out another kitten. No matter how experienced you are, you never know what might happen when you introduce a new kitten into your home.




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