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Felix Cat Food and Arthur the Cat

Felix Cat Food and Arthur the Cat

Much as I hate adverts interrupting my TV viewing, there are a select few that I quite enjoy. These are usually the ones featuring an adorable animal! Some of these fury friends become synonymous with the brand. Where would Dulux be without the sheep dog and Andrex without the cute Labrador puppies? Cats have become stars too and perhaps the most famous of these was Arthur.


A Star Called Arthur

Arthur was a white cat who was hired by Spillers to promote Kattomeat cat food. Arthur’s signature trick was scooping food out of the tin with his paw. He starred in adverts for 11 years and retired at the age of 16 in 1975. Things just weren’t the same without Arthur and eventually a replacement had to be found. In January 1987 Spillers introduced Arthur II to the world at a launch held at the Savoy Hotel in London.

The new star had been discovered at an animal shelter and shared his predecessor’s ability to scoop from the tin. Arthur II kept the role for nine years and then made way for Arthur III, another rescue can found at the same shelter. The Arthurs were so popular that in 1992 Spillers renamed the brand Arthur’s.

Arthur IV

The cute white cats had made a big impression on one of my friends. So big that when I acquired a rather gorgeous kitten, they insisted that I called him Arthur. I couldn’t bring myself to say no and the name suited my new friend even though the kitten wasn’t white. He was actually a very fluffy blue Persian. I did get some funny looks when I announced his name at the vets and so I decided that he would be the last cat that I would name after a cat food. This was a bit of shame really in view of the next cat that I welcomed into my life.

The Felix Cat Food Cat

He was a rescue cat from the Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs and already had a name – Sammy. The silly thing was that he was a dead ringer for the Felix Cat. Every tin or box of Felix cat food features that cheeky black and white moggie. I had got it all wrong. Arthur should have been called something else entirely and Sammy was really Felix! But I had told Battersea that I was keeping his name. Sammy had an ID chip and I thought that it might get a bit complicated if he ever got lost and I tried to claim him. It would sound suspicious if I was claiming ownership of a cat called Sammy and then greeted him as Felix.

Arthur’s Cat Food is no longer available but Felix Cat Food is and Sammy rather liked it. Perhaps he recognised himself on the box! Sammy is gone now but I do think of him when I see Felix. The resemblance is uncanny. If Felix had advertised for a cat to star in their adverts I certainly would have put Sam forward. It would been nice to have a star in the house rather than a lookalike!


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