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Feeding Your Kitten

When deciding what food to give any cat their weight, age and special requirements should be taken into consideration. Kittens usually begin to eat solid food at about 3 weeks of age and will normally be properly weaned by 8 weeks. Kittens grow very quickly and need the right balance of nutrients to help them grow into strong, healthy cats. It’s important that they have a good diet when they are in the first stages of their life. Try and get a food that is specially formulated for kittens, cat food brands should clearly stage which life stage their food is for. Kittens have specific requirements when it comes to diet compared to fully grown cats. For example, food for kittens usually contains higher levels of protein, calcium and zinc.

When You Take Your Kitten Home

Consider asking your breeder or rescue centre what food they have been giving your kitten. You should bring some home with you to give to your kitten on their first day in their new home. This will avoid them getting an upset stomach and you can then introduce new food slowly once they are settled. Mix some of their old food in with the new food so that they can gradually adjust.

How Often Should You Feed Your Kitten?

Kittens should not be fed large, heavy meals. They normally do best on 3 or 4 small meals a day until they get to adult age when they will be perfectly happy with two meals a day. If possible try and establish a feeding schedule for your kitten, that way you can control their weight easily.

Give Correct Servings

Obesity is a big problem with UK pets including cats and dogs. Make sure you are reading the instructions properly so that you give your kitten the correct amount of food.

Access To Water

It’s crucial that kittens have access to water at all times. If you are feeding your kitten dry food you might find they drink more than if they had wet food.

Beaphar Kitten Milk

This is a special milk replacement for kittens that are orphaned or kittens who are not suckling well from birth through weaning.

Consult Your Vet

If you have any problems with your kitten’s diet then consult your vet for advice. They can advise you on the best food for your kitten based on their requirements.


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