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Feeding Pet Rabbits

The digestive system of a rabbit is extremely delicate. Therefore, their diet is important in ensuring they are fit and healthy. When back in their natural environment, rabbits live off leaves, grass and hay, so the main bulk of their diet should consist of these products. However, not all hay and greens are suitable, so it is recommended that you buy grasses and hays listed specifically as rabbit pet food, so they get all the correct nutrients they need.

The Rabbit pet food should always be fresh, clean and be kept in deep, fairly heavy bowls to prevent your rabbit from knocking over the bowl and spilling their food. Rabbits are active creatures and are at their most energetic in the morning and evening. Therefore it is recommended to keep feeding times in line with their lifestyle and feed them twice daily at these times.

Pellets are an excellent addition to your rabbit’s diet, helping to keep their fibre levels up and aid digestion. They will also keep their teeth strong and clean. There are many varieties available to suit different ages of rabbit, pregnant rabbits and also rabbits that may need joint care.

Obesity, as it is with many pets, is very dangerous in rabbits and can lead to serious health problems. Pet rabbits that are kept in hutches may not get a vast amount of exercise, therefore it is vital not to over feed your rabbit and give too many treats. Rabbits are vegetarians by nature and can often have a sweet tooth. Avoid giving them too much sugar, so limit their sweet treats to specific rabbit treats or very small amounts of carrot or fruit.

Finally, hydration is also important. Rabbits can hydrate quite easily but their instincts also tell them to avoid any liquid that is slightly contaminated, therefore ensure water is fresh, clean and changed regularly.


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