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Exciting New Products For Dogs

Want to know about some of the most exciting new products for dogs? There are lots of fantastic new products on the market that help with common problems and also some luxury products that you can spoil your pooch with. Here are some innovative new products that are proving popular with dog owners.

Nylabone Dog Chews
These bones are fantastic and last for a long time. If your dog loves to chew but destroys normal bones in minutes then try a long lasting Nylabone. You can get them in all different shapes, sizes and flavours for your dog. These bones are also great for their teeth as they help to reduce tartar. Click to view our range of Nylabones.

Search And Find Dog Bowl
Lots of dogs simply can’t wait to gobble their food down and some will swallow their food without even bothering to chew. This means they might not absorb all the nutrients from the quality food you have given them and eating too quickly can cause digestive problems. If your dog finishes their dinner in 10 seconds then you might want to try a search and find bowl. It turns dinner time into a game by giving the dog compartments of food to open. This slows them down and reduces the amount of food they can gobble in one go. It also provides good mental stimulation and because they are eating more slowly they will feel full sooner.

Deer Antlers
Dogs in the wild keep their teeth clean by chewing on natural products such as bones. Your pet needs a strong object that they can gnaw on to keep their teeth healthy. Deer antlers contain no additives or nasty stuff and they provide a long lasting chew toy for your dog. They last longer than most chew products, they are cleaner than dog bones and they are suited to dogs with digestion problems or allergies. You can purchase deer antlers on our website by .

Interactive Dog Games
Lots of dogs love to play games and take on some fun challenges. Interactive dog games provide excellent mental stimulation for your dog. It’s also great fun watching your dog try and work out the game and win the treats. It will have your dog opening compartments to release food and dislodging removable bones. Try one with your dog and give your dog hours of entertainment.

Pet Travel Water Bottle
It’s difficult to give your dog water on the move, and water bowls aren’t always a very practical solution. Pet travel water bottles have a built in dish and they are easy to carry around. You simply unfold the dish from the bottle and give your dog some water while you are travelling. Dogs need to keep hydrated and can be in danger of dehydration if they don’t have access to water on long journeys. Make sure you prevent your dog from getting thirsty while you are travelling by carrying around a pet travel water bottle.

Ultrasonic Dog Toys
Are you tired on loud squeaky toys making a lot of noise in your home? Dogs love toys that make a sound but they can be a little irritating, especially if your dog wants to play with them all day. Ultrasonic dog toys are made with a squeaker that only your dog can hear, so your dog can play with their toy while you relax in peace and quiet.

GPS Collar
Unfortunately dogs escape, run off and get lost on a regular basis. Get a GPS collar for your dog and you will be able to track them down should they go walkabouts. You can also use them to keep an eye on your dog's activity. This is a wonderful idea that will help owners to keep track of their pets and return lost dogs to their worries owners.


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