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Examples Of When Dogs Appear To Behave Like Humans

Dogs have spent a long time by our sides. Over the years they have learned certain behaviours that we do simply by watching. They look at us and learn by paying attention to what we do. ‘When a dog spends all its time with you, those human behaviors, schedules, and tastes can rub off. Dogs do pick up on our moods, preferences, anxieties and fears (Lynn Hoover, founder of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants).’

This also helps them to read how we are feeling by monitoring our body language and facial expressions. Caroline Kisko, from The Kennel Club explains, ‘A dog’s behaviour is influenced much like that of a child; through socialisation, learning right from wrong and adopting similar patterns of behaviour.’

It is important to remember that dogs are animals, and they shouldn’t be treated like humans. They might show a few human like behaviours because they are simply mimicking us, but that doesn’t mean we should treat them like one of us. However, there are times when dogs display behaviours that do seem very human like and we can relate to. Here are some examples when dogs behave like humans.

  • Refusing to share
  • Sitting on the sofa
  • Yawning
  • Wanting cuddles
  • Appearing to show guilt (although many scientists believe this not to be true)
  • Whimpering and crying
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Sleep on a bed
  • Sitting in the driver’s seat of the car
  • ‘Beg’ for more food
  • Watch TV
  • Surf
  • Ride a skateboard
  • Licking or ‘kissing’ you

Playing musical instruments


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