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Examples Of Seriously Overweight Pets

We have covered the topic of overweight pets quite a lot lately. This is because it is becoming a big problem. Pet obesity numbers appear to be on the rise. According to the PDSA, a charity for pets in need of vets, ‘around 2.5 million dogs (one in three) and over 2 million cats (one in four) are currently estimated to be overweight.’

Some pets are shockingly overweight, yet their owners don’t seem to realise. Being overweight will make your pet uncomfortable, cause a wide range of health issues and worst of all, reduce their lifespan. Overweight pets have a very poor quality of life. It’s harder for them to get around, they become short of breath and may have digestive problems.

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Here are some examples of extremely overweight pets.

Bruce, Boxer
Bruce is 50% overweight, he weighs a staggering 55kg.

Dave, Cat

Dave is 58% overweight and enjoys eating donuts.

Poppy, Rabbit

Image -

Poppy is 32% overweight and likes snacking on popcorn, lots of treats and big portions.

Max, Jack Russell Terrier

Max is a whopping 71% overweight. He may not look that large but jack russells are supposed to be small and he has a rather round belly.

Oscar, Springer cross Cocker Spaniel

You can clearly see from this picture Oscar is seriously overweight. He was so overweight he could barely walk.


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