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Eukanuba Dog Food – Could the Right Food Help your Dog to Live Longer?

Naturally the marketing gurus at the various pet food brands have come up with a variety of attention grabbing claims over the years. But then they are hardly going to create advertisements which tell you their food is average! We have been told that dog foods are irresistible, good for energy, great for teeth and strengthen bones. But which dog foods do what they say on the tin or the packet?

Well that might depend on your particular dog and it would be difficult to make comparisons. The benefits of a particular food would need to be observed over a long period of time meaning that you could only choose one and would have nothing to compare it with. Talking of the long term, one dog food has made the spectacular claim that it will help man’s best friend to live for longer. That Dog Food is Eukanuba.

Does Eukanuba dog food really help your pet to live a longer life?

The Eukanuba Dog Food Study

This particular claim is backed up but a scientific study. The Long Life Study lasted for ten years and featured dozens of Labradors. The dogs were fed Eukanuba dog food and given what was described as "proper care" over the course of a decade. This meant that the dogs received regular veterinary attention and plenty of play. 90% of the dogs involved lived for longer than the typical twelve year lifespan for the breed. 28% lived for fifteen year or longer. The stars of the show were two dogs named Utah and Iowa who lived to an impressive seventeen years of age.

Independent Experts

The results are thought provoking and, as the study was reviewed by independent experts, you can be sure that the dogs did live as long as claimed. On the other hand, some questions remain unanswered. Eukanuba have stated that the food was provided in what they describe as "appropriate amounts" but have not clarified what these were. This is interesting because other studies have shown that dogs given restricted portions of food live longer. On average 15% longer.
It should also be noted that the Long Life Study did not compare dog foods. Only Eukanuba was tested. So what is it really possible to deduce from the study?


For a start it is possible to conclude that a high quality diet such as Eukanuba dog food is good for your pet’s health. Eukanuba may be better than other brands but that has not been proven. You can also be certain that good care, the right amount of exercise and preventing your animal from becoming overweight or obese will lengthen their life. But you knew that anyway!

Perhaps what this study really proves is that the twelve year lifespan for a Labrador is indeed an average. Dogs receiving a good diet and excellent care will typically live longer. Maybe it is the case that pet owners’ overfeeding their animals shortens their lives rather than the right diet have the opposite effect. The average lifespan of a Labrador should be longer and it is pet owners who are shortening it!

In summary, you can rely on Eukanuba dog food to provide excellent nutrition for your dog. But you also need to provide the food in the right quantities and to attend to all aspects of your animal’s care.


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