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Essential Products For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

Taking your dog on holiday this year? Holidays with your best friend can be great fun. Why leave them at home when you can bring them on an adventure with you. There are plenty of dog friendly hotels nowadays and it is much easier to take your pets abroad. If you want to take your dog with you on holiday here is a list of some of the things you need to bring.

  • Pet passport

You will need an up to date pet passport.

  • Pet travel water bottle

Your dog will always need access to fresh water. They can get particularly hot on long journeys so it crucial you have a water bowl or a special

  • Car pet carrier or harness

If you are taking your dog in the car you will need to make sure they are restrained properly throughout the journey. A dog carrier is a great purchase.

  • Pet travel sickness tablets

If your dog gets travel sickness you should probably bring some . When we go on holiday we often drive around in the car a lot. This can occasionally make some dogs feel car sick even if they haven’t shown any signs before.

  • Car seat protector

Your car is likely to get dirty and full of dog hair so it is worth investing in a good car seat protector.

  • Dog bed

Your dog might get a little confused staying in a new place while you are on holiday. Bring their bed along as it smells like home and they will feel more comfortable.

  • Dog ramp

Some dogs scratch the car every time they jump out. This can cause a significant amount of damage to your paintwork. Use a dog car ramp to help your get out easily without injuring themselves and to protect your car from their nails.

  • Toys

Take your dogs toys with you to entertain them during the journey and while you are on holiday. Their toys will also remind them of home and reassure them.

  • Dog food & treats

Don’t forget to pack your dog's food. You may also want to bring some treats in case you want to do any training or keep them more obedient while you are away. Or you might just want to spoil them!

  • Collar and lead

It is wise to take a spare collar and lead in case you lose yours. Take two sets of collars and leads.

  • Identity tags x 2

Some identity tags come off so easily. The last thing you want is for it to come off and not have a spare. It would be awful if your dog escaped on holiday and they didn’t have their name tag on. Take an extra one as a backup.

  • Cleaning products

Take cleaning products in case your dog has any accidents or is unwell while you are away.

  • Poo bags

Don’t underestimate how many poo bags you might need on holiday. Always take more than enough doggy poop bags and you shouldn’t get caught short.

  • Shampoo

You may need doggy shampoo while you are away if your dog decides to roll in poo or in a mud puddle.

  • Towels

Take plenty of towels to dry your dog off after walks. This will keep your car clean as well as your accommodation.

  • Doggy first aid kit

You can get special canine first aid kits, it is worth taking one on holiday with you just in case.


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